Multi-Platform Button

When you want to link to another app from your mobile app, you may do so using the Multi-Platform button capability in a Flex App Block.  

Step-by-step guide

A Multiplatform button is a button that our platform creates based on column names in an uploaded csv file.  This allows you to add a link to a detail page that will go either to the iPhone store or the Android store of a different app, depending on what type of phone the user has.  This prevents you from having to put an Android and an iOS button on a detail page.  iOS would reject the app for advertising Android so this prevents the automatic rejection.


You need the links in 2 columns -- link_deviceios and link_deviceandroid.



When you upload the csv file, in the data mapping section, you will see the field name as link_device_device and the sample content will be Multi Platform Button.  You cannot change the data format.


Then on the detail page, you can drag and drop the link_device_device button onto the screen. 



You cannot customize the wording in the button. To create a more user-friendly button, make the background color and text color of the MultiPlatform Button transparent…


Create a Text Label, designed as you wish, and place it over the transparent Multiplatform Button. Move the Multiplatform button to the front. This way, when a user taps the text label in the app, they are tapping the button that will take them to their phone’s respective app store.








You can download a test app to confirm that the button works, and that you like how it looks on the front-end. If you’re using an iPhone, the button should navigate to the selected app in the Apple Store; if you’re using an Android device, the button should navigate to the Google Play store.

Please note you need to use a Flex Basic for this to work.  You cannot do it with a Flex 1 item.