Component REST AppBlock

The Component REST AppBlock allows you to connect to data through REST Services using the GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE methods.  Each page of a Component REST AppBlock will be associated with a REST Service URL and the JSON that is returned (for a GET) or used (for a PUT/POST).  We have designed a step-by-step wizard that will walk you through the creation of each page, which includes the REST URL entry, data mapping, feature setup, and more.  

After completion of the wizard, you will use AppCanvas to design the layout of each page and to connect pages together to form your use case.  Variables may be passed from one page to the next, as long as each page contains a common variable or variables.

MobileSmith only supports REST Services that return JSON; we do not support data returned in XML.  Additionally, we do not support SOAP based services.

How to Get Started

  1. Create a Component REST AppBlock
  2. Create a New Page
  3. Complete the Page Wizard
  4. Design the Page in AppCanvas
  5. Repeat Steps 2 - 4
  6. Connect Pages


This webinar gives an overview of the Component REST AppBlock:

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