Action: Map AppBlock

The Action Map AppBlock is used when you want the app user to tap a button to view a map of a specific location.

The address for this AppBlock is 'hard-coded' into the app - it is not pulled dynamically from the platform.  If you change the address, you will need to do a new build.  Any apps previously installed would have the old address.

1. Add a new AppBlock.

a. Enter a name for your new AppBlock.
b. Select "Action: Map". 
c. Click "Apply".

2. The Action Map "Configuration" will then be displayed.

3. Enter the desired address and click "Apply".

There are no canvas views to configure for this AppBlock.

4. Add a button, Menu List row, or Fly-out Menu row and set the target as your new AppBlock.

Watch the short video below on how to create an Action:Map AppBlock.