Website AppBlock

The “Website” AppBlock allows you to create a button inside the application that will allow the end user to view a website or webpage of your choosing.  The website will be opened within the confines of your mobile app (rather than taking you out of the app to your device web browser).

Enter your URL in the "Site URL" field, choose whether or not to include browser controls, and click "Apply".

iPhone with no controls

The "Include Controls" checkbox allows you to show or hide browser navigation controls (Back, Refresh, etc) when the app user goes to the website from your app.

iPhone with controls

The Website AppBlock is not dynamic.  When you do a build, the URL you entered on the Configuration page is "locked in".  If you later change the URL, you will need to do a new build for the change to take effect.

Watch the short video below on how to create a Website AppBlock.