Bookmarks AppBlock

The Bookmarks AppBlock is used to store all “favorited” or “bookmarked” items from inside the application.  For example, if you have a list of sessions for an agenda, the end user would be able to ‘Favorite’ or ‘Bookmark’ specific sessions to be saved in the Bookmarks AppBlock. 

1. Add a new AppBlock

a. Enter a name for your new AppBlock.
b. Select "Bookmarks".
c. Click "Apply". 

There are no canvas views to configure for this AppBlock.

The following AppBlocks have bookmark capabilities by default: RSS Feed, Photo Gallery

To allow an item in a Flex AppBlock to be bookmarked, you must add the Bookmark Item action button.

In your Flex AppBlock, go to the Detail canvas.  In the Tool Box on the far right, go to the Actions tab and find the "Bookmark Item" action button.  Drag-and-drop the button onto the canvas or navbar.  Now the app user will be able to bookmark items in this AppBlock.

When a bookmark option is added to the navbar, the app builder will have the capability of configuring the following:

  • Display text  instead of an icon
  • Display the default icon
  • Upload their own image icons to use

Adding a bookmark as a button on a screen, the app builder must upload their own image icons to use.

Once the app user has bookmarked items, there are two ways he can see those items: the Bookmarks AppBlock and the Bookmark Filter action button.

Set the AppBlock as the target for a button, tabMenu List row, or Fly-out Menu row, and the app user can go there and see all bookmarked items.  This can include items from multiple AppBlocks.  Each item will be shown in the style of its AppBlock's List View.  When the app user taps an item in Bookmarks, it goes to the Detail page for that item.

You can also add the Bookmark Filter action button to the navbar of a List View canvas.  When the app user taps this, it will show all the bookmarked items within that AppBlock (and none from any other AppBlock).

If the app user has not bookmarked any items, when he goes to the Bookmarks AppBlock, it will display, “You have no bookmarks yet!”

iPhone: Bookmarks with no items

On the List View, if you have added the Bookmarks Filter action button, the app user can see which items have been bookmarked in that AppBlock:

Droid: Bookmarks Filter from List View

Watch the short video below on how to create the Bookmarks AppBlock.