Is the Website AppBlock dynamic?

No, the Website AppBlock is not dynamic.  If you change the URL, you will have to do a new build for the change to take effect. 

There is an AppBlock in my App Project called “Get Directions”, but I don’t see it in the app I downloaded on my phone.  What is wrong?

 Make sure you have added a button and set "Get Directions" as the target.

I created a new app with several AppBlocks and completed the design of the Home Canvas, but when I download the app on my iPhone 6, I see empty black bars that show up at the top and bottom of my screen when the app is open.

Make sure you have uploaded Loading Images into your app.

I created a “Menu List” AppBlock with 3 rows using custom graphics; one row called “Call Me”, another called “Email Me”, and the last called “Get Directions”, but nothing happens when I tap them.  What is wrong and how do I fix it?

Make sure you have set a target AppBlock for each row in your Menu List.

I created an app that uses the Fly-out Menu as the Global Navigation.  However, when I open the fly-out menu, I can’t get to the home canvas.  What is going on?

 Make sure you have set "Home Screen" as the target for one of the rows on the Fly-out Menu.

I created 5 tabs in my tab bar in my app project, but my app doesn’t show all of them.  Why aren’t they all showing up?

If you cannot see all the tabs, please ensure that you have an icon on each tab.  Without the icons, the tabs will not show up. 

I created an RSS Feed AppBlock in my App Project, but I don’t see anything on the canvas.  What’s going on?

I favorited the location that I visit most often, but I don’t see it anywhere else in the app.  What can I do to fix this?

Make sure you have added the Bookmarks AppBlock and set it as the target of a button, row, or tab.

I’ve placed a “Long Text w/ HTML” field on a detail page called “description” in my App Project, but on my phone the text is getting cut off.  How do I fix this?

If the data mapped field was already on the canvas before you switched it to "Long Text w/ HTML", be sure to delete the field off of the canvas and replace it for the change to take effect.

On the app, I filled in a “Form Submission to Email” form, tapped Submit, and received a success message.  How can I double check that my data was sent?

 In the platform, find your Form Submission AppBlock in the left-hand menu and go to AppOffice.

When I attempt to fill-in the Phone Number field, I’m presented with the full keyboard and not the numbers keyboard.  How can I change this?

On the input canvas, click the Phone Number field.  In the Properties box on the right side, go to the Configuration tab.  Find the "Keyboard Type" dropdown and set it to "Numeric".

I want to see the locations that are near me, but the proximity isn’t working in the Locations AppBlock.  What’s going on?

Make sure that you have added the Latitude and Longitude for each location you want proximity data for.

I want to search for a person in the Directory AppBlock, but I tap the Search button and nothing happens.  How do I get this working?

Make sure that you assign keywords to your data via the AppOffice or through .csv upload utilizing a "Keywords" column to make the data searchable.

My “Photo Contest” allows users to submit photos in the app.  However, when I test my app, I don’t see a way to exit the Photo Contest without submitting a photo.  In addition, when I do submit a photo, it doesn’t show up in the app.  What did I do wrong when I made the AppBlock?

1. Make sure you add a "Cancel" action button somewhere on the input canvas - this allows the app user to exit the page.

2. In the AppBlock's Configuration section, on the Global tab, make sure you have selected Yes for the question "Should the App User's content items be sent to the server?"

* If you want submitted photos to show up in the app immediately, make sure you have selected No for the question "Should the Administrator/Moderator's approval be required to publish the App user's content in the app?"

* If you want to answer Yes to the previous question, you will need to go to your AppBlock's AppOffice section and update the Active status of any item in order for it to show up in the app.

I have data in AppOffice for my Directory AppBlock, but it’s not displaying on the detail page in my app.  What’s wrong?

I’m trying to upload a .csv file for an AppBlock called “Newbies”, but it won’t upload.  What’s wrong?