CSV Files

With the Flex AppBlock, you can use a CSV file to upload your data.

Download a sample CSV file: DemoApp.csv

Click here to see how you can create a CSV file from a Microsoft Word doc.

A CSV file is an excel spreadsheet saved in a specific format. The rows make up separate entries and columns consist of unique data values i.e. Name, Title, Phone, Address, Email, etc.  For example, say you are building an event app and have a list of speakers that you want to insert.  If we take a look at the file, each row is a specific speaker, and each column is a piece of information about that speaker:


When naming your columns, remember these rules:

  • The first column must be named "sysid".
  • Each row must have a unique value in the "sysid" column (i.e. no duplicates).
  • Column names cannot be any of the Reserved Words.
  • Each column must have a unique name (i.e. no duplicates).


Once your spreadsheet is ready, simply saving it as a Comma Separated Value (.csv) file will allow you to use it in our platform in various situations.

Save As CSV in Microsoft Excel

In the platform, once you have created your Flex AppBlock, find it in the left-hand menu and go to Configuration.

On the Configuration page, go to the CSV Upload tab.  Click the green "Select CSV File" button and upload your CSV file.



After uploading your CSV, go to Data Mapping and you will see that each column (besides "sysid") becomes a data field.

You can add additional fields using the green "Add Field" button.


In Data Mapping, each field can be expanded to edit the Field Name, Field Type, and Social Sharing options.  Click here to learn more about Data Mapping.

You can manage your data in AppOffice:


In AppOffice, you can view your data, edit individual items, add new items, delete items, and publish/unpublish items.  Click here to learn more about AppOffice.