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Setting up Google Analytics

Below, we will discuss the steps to getting Google Analytics ready to be implemented into your app:

Step 1

Login to using the Google account you want associated with Google Analytics. If this is your first time logging in, you’ll see a sign up button. Click that to begin. If you’ve logged in before, we’ll head to admin.

(first time users will click sign up)

(returning users will click on Admin)

Step 2

(this step needs only be conducted by returning users)

Click the account drop down box and at the bottom, click on create new account.

Step 3

Be sure to click on “Mobile App” for “what you would like to track” and then proceed to fill out the form leaving all check marks checked. Once done, click on “Get Tracking ID” at the bottom.

Step 4

Now, you have the tracking ID that will be used in your app to track its’ metrics. Please copy the tracking ID because this will be used in the next section to implement Analytics into your app on the MobileSmith platform.

Implementing Google Analytics into your App

Below, we will walkthrough how to implement your account tracking ID into your app on the MobileSmith platform to track the app’s usage metrics.

Step 1

Before we input our tracking ID, we have to be sure that Analytics is enabled in our app. Head to “App Settings” located under “App Stores” and turn on “Analytics Enabled?” and click Apply at the bottom.

Step 2

Now that we have Analytics enabled, you’ll see the appblock “Analytics & Tracking” in your appblocks section. Expand the Analytics appblock and click on Configuration. Under the “In App Analytics” section, you’ll choose your Analytic Service, which is Google. Next, you will place your Tracking ID into the three Analytics Key boxes as seen below. Then click apply.

Step 3

Now that we have Analytics enabled and our tracking ID all in place. Be sure to create a new app build for the Analytics tracking to take effect. Now, we’ll discuss what Google Analytics offers you in terms of metrics.


The Audience tab is the main portion of Reporting and it’s where a lot of the statistics are located which provide metrics that range from how many users are using the app, and how often, to what device was used to access the app.

Below, we will summarize the different dashboard options you have to gain insight on your audience.


Overview is the general dashboard that summarizes a lot of the overall metrics and data throughout Audience into one dashboard. Reports you will find in this section include:


# of users who have accessed the app in a given date range. Can calculate new users and returning users.


# of sessions in a given date range. A session is represented by a period in time in which a user is actively engaged with the app.

Screen views

The total number of screens viewed. Repeated views of a single screen are counted.


The average number of screens viewed per session. Every view of a single screen is counted individually, including repeated views of the same screen.

Avg. Session Duration

Average length of a session.

% New Sessions

An estimate of the percentage of first time visits.


Data on user’s language, country, and city.


Data on the operating system, device brand, screen resolution, and service provider of the user’s device.

Active Users

Analyze active users on a day-by-day basis.

App Versions

Get session and usage data for each version of your app.

Cohort Analysis

User retention. After a session, shows the percent of users that return on the following days after the initial session.


View Language and Location (country, state, city) of users.

(Geo-Language Dashboard)

(Geo-Location Dashboard)


Drill down and get more information on new vs. returning users, loyalty, recency (amount of days between sessions), and session duration.

(Behavior-New vs. Returning Dashboard)

(Behavior-Loyalty Dashboard)

(Behavior-Recency Dashboard)

(Behavior-Session Duration Dashboard)

Devices and Network

Drill down and get detailed reports on which devices are being used to access the app, what device brands are being used the most, and what operating systems the devices are running.

(Devices and Network-Overview Dashboard)

(Devices and Network-Devices Dashboard)

(Devices and Network-Network Dashboard)

Action Button Analytics 

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