App Activation


The App Activation Access Method will allow you, as the app builder, to specify unique login credentials for each end user that you want to have access to your app.  The app user must enter these credentials the first time he launches the app, but never again after that.

You can upload a CSV with all the credentials or manually add each set of credentials individually through AppOffice.


If you choose to upload a CSV, it must be in the correct format:

  • The CSV must have 2 columns.
  • The first row in the first column (cell A1) must be "Username".
  • The first row in the second column (cell B1) must be "Code".
  • If any username or code starts or ends with a space, those spaces will be trimmed when you upload your CSV.


Download a sample CSV



To upload your CSV, go to Access Manager > Configuration and click the blue "Add" button.



After you have uploaded your CSV, go to Access Manager > AppOffice and you can see all the credentials.

You can edit, delete, and add new credentials.

You can also export the list to a CSV you can download.

You can toggle the active status for any set of credentials by clicking under the "Active" column.

  • A checkmark indicates the credentials are active - an app user who uses these credentials will be allowed into the app.
  • A minus/dash/hyphen indicates the credentials are inactive - an app user who uses these credentials will not be allowed into the app.
  • Any changes in active status are immediate - you do not have to save.


Device Behavior

When the app user launches your app for the first time, it will show the App Activation login screen.  The login screen is not configurable and always shows the same three elements:

  • Username text entry field
  • Password text entry field
  • Submit button

These elements are displayed on top of the Splash Image.


App Activation on iPhone


App Activation on Droid


The user will not be able to proceed without entering a valid username and password.

Once the user has successfully logged in, the app will never show the App Activation login screen again.

You can add or remove credentials at any time using AppOffice, even after you have built the app.  When an app user tries to login, the app checks the user-entered credentials against the credentials in AppOffice at that time.