Photo Gallery Not Working


My “Photo Contest” is a Flex AppBlock that allows users to submit photos in the app.  However, when I test my app, I don’t see a way to exit the Photo Contest without submitting a photo.  In addition, when I do submit a photo, it doesn’t show up in the app.  What did I do wrong when I made the AppBlock?


1. Make sure you add a "Cancel" action button somewhere on the input canvas - this allows the app user to exit the page.

2. In the AppBlock's Configuration section, on the Global tab, make sure you have selected Yes for the question "Should the App User's content items be sent to the server?"

* If you want submitted photos to show up in the app immediately, make sure you have selected No for the question "Should the Administrator/Moderator's approval be required to publish the App user's content in the app?"

* If you want to answer Yes to the previous question, you will need to go to your AppBlock's AppOffice section and update the Active status of any item in order for it to show up in the app.