MobileSmith Version 6.0

Release Notes

  1. App OS Lock Screen to provide increased security through setting up a lock screen, or app timeout. 
    1. Gives the App Builder the ability to enable the lock screen when
      1. The app first launches
      2. Every time the app is accessed. 
    2. Gives the App Builder the ability to set an app timeout. 
  2. In an effort to give Android users a more native experience, we have changed the way buttons are designed.
    1. This allows for Android users to have elevation and animation when a button is selected.
    2. Buttons can only have Text or an Image; layering elements is discouraged. 
    3. The Home Screen is not affected with this change.
    4. Dynamic live builds will need to address the button behavior changes when a new distribution build is made.
    5. Static Builds will not be affected until the user downloads the new build built with this new functionality.