An AppBlock is the MobileSmith term for a module.  Each AppBlock type is created by MobileSmith in a way that allows customization using the configuration options provided in the Platform.  Many AppBlock types are designed to perform specific functions or use cases (Basic AppBlocks), while others are designed to be extremely flexible to support many functions and use cases.  AppBlock types are not named to describe a specific use case; you as the app designer will decide what to name the AppBlock when it is created.  I.E. The Flex AppBlock can be named "Locations", "Doctors", "My Appointments", etc.  Every AppBlock will have a "Item Name" and a "Display Name". 

Item Name - this is the name that will appear in the left hand menu in the platform; it will not appear in the app.  The Item Name will allow you to quickly find the AppBlock in the Platform for the purpose of creating or managing the AppBlock.  The AppBlocks are listed in the left hand menu alphabetically by Item Name; you cannot change this order.

Display Name - this is the name that will appear in the app that your end-users will see.  The Display Name will appear in the Navigation Bar (iOS) and Action Bar (Android) as the title.  The Navigation/Action Bar is the bar that appears at the top of each page where you might expect to find a "Back" button.

Changing the Item Name and Display Name

You can change/modify the Item Name and/or the Display Name on the Configuration page of each AppBlock, with the exception of the Component REST AppBlock; it does not have a display name for the AppBlock as a whole, as each page inside the AppBlock will have a Display Name.


Basic AppBlocks

Basic AppBlocks perform specific functions and are generally the easiest and quickest to create.  In addition, the Basic AppBlocks do not have an AppCanvas or AppOffice section for configuration and management, as they utilize functions and apps that are installed as a part of the device's operating system.  All configuration is done in the Configuration section for Basic AppBlocks.


Complex AppBlocks

Complex AppBlocks are designed to be extremely flexible to support many functions and use cases.  Each Complex AppBlock will have an AppCanvas section and, based on the data source, may have the AppOffice section.  Each of the Complex AppBlock will have a Configuration section.

Navigation AppBlocks

The Navigation AppBlocks are used only as way for you to create pages that link to other AppBlocks; they do not consume data dynamically.  Each Navigation AppBlock has a Configuration section and an AppCanvas section.


Platform Extension AppBlocks

The Platform Extensions allow you to use your own custom code to incorporate features or function not otherwise supported in the Basic or Complex AppBlocks.



Some AppBlocks don't fall into a general category.